Equipment Reviews

Tennis Shoes

What to look for in a shoe? Tennis shoes have to be particularly durable and most tested shoes won't last a month playing at a competitive level so look for a shoe with some longevity. Quick side to side movements mean the shoe has to offer good support to the ankle and you shouldn't feel like your foot is falling out of the side. A lot of players will drag the side of the foot so protection on the side of the shoe is important, especially on clay.

Nike Air Max Courtballistec 3.3 - Rafa Nadal's shoe of choice. Tried and tested. Well made. Criticisms may be the soft sole and the ankle support comes up a bit too high but that's personal preference.






Nike Lunar Vapor 8 - Roger Federer's shoe of choice. Lightweight and short break in. Doesn't last too long but is a good shoe if you're not a slider and grinder. Roger hasn't done too badly.





Adidas Barricade 6.0 - A revamped version of the previous model softer uppers and slightly lighter but still as rugged, durable and supportive as ever. Best hard court shoe ever?









Adidas adiZero Feather - A remodel of the brilliant feather. Lightweight and supportive. The differences we experienced with this model is a longer break in has a specific shape so try before you buy.



Ball Machines

Ball machines are a great way to improve your consistency on the court. You can hit hundreds of balls without interruption.

Today's ball machines aren't as monotonous as you might think. Horizontal oscillation (side to side) movement and vertical oscillation (forward and back) ball positioning makes it feel like you are playing a real player.

If you are thinking about buying or renting a ball machine then read our reviews because we have tried them all and found our top picks!

These interesting little machines have come a long way with the availability of lightweight lithium batteries. They offer a great alternative to your training. Helping you build the necessary consistency to compete at a high level. When you run out of hitting partners you won't be out of a hit.



The Lobster elite 2 - This battery powered machine is our top pick, it looks the business but more importantly - it really performs. Horizontal and Vertical oscillation, ergonomic design, Quiet motor. Top and under spin. Good all rounder. This model is £1,600. Models range from £750 - £2000





Tutor Plus - Also a great machine. More boxy than the lobster but still performs admirably. A two line oscillator as well as a random oscillator adds to the experience. Top and under spin. Low maintenance. This model is £1,300. Models range from £728 - £3,500