Where to play?

Tennis is developing quickly and to make it at the top level you need to be training the right way. It might be easy to find a local court and practice to your hearts content but to really develope your skills you might need to consider visiting the best tennis academies in the world.

These top academies are on the cutting edge of tennis development. Even copying the top players at present isn't enough for the young professionals. As the game will have developed into different styles come several years when they aim to win future slams.

Copying the top players using video analysis is a great start but to improve efficiently find the right competition. The competition is in the tennis camps where they play all day every day. A huge amount of commitment is required. So see if your up to the challenge. Find the right tennis academy for you.

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Tennis - The Modern Day Gladiator

In terms of competition, I believe there really is no other sport like tennis. Referred to as the modern day gladiator, exchanging swords for racquet's, anyone who has been to a high performance competition such as a slam will attribute to the resemblance.

There are over three thousand nationally ranked tennis players in Spain alone which proves, quite abruptly, the popularity for the sport. Tennis, unlike many team sports, requires a very personal performance and the pressure on a competitive level is enormous. Tiniest of adjustments mentally or physically can largely determine the outcome of a match and there is no team to hide behind or to dilute your incompetence on an off day. The necessary consistency mentally and physically day to day for a top level player may only be described as phenomenal.

Exposure is required to establish anybody into a sport:

  • Exposure to Competition
  • Exposure to facilities
  • Exposure to tournaments

This exposure it paramount in ones success as a performace player. Other factors to consider are climate and court surfaces. A drier climate will let you play all year round outside. Red clay is slower making longer rallies and is soft on the knees so a fantastic surface to train on.

A competitive environment is elemental in succuss on the tennis court. To become confident to hit the ball, regardless of your opponent.

Younes El Aynaoui

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